Adult Learning Unleashed is an educational consulting group that focuses on adult education practices, especially those resulting in thoughtful, collaborative, informed involvement in community issues and governance. We partner with institutions engaged in education or training to support their social and racial justice goals through workshops, presentations, program development, and consultation. Our goal is to unleash the potential of adult learners to become agents for change. 

What we do

  • Work with colleges and universities in faculty development and in the design of graduate and undergraduate curriculum.
  • Work with non-for-profits and service organizations to identify and respond to local issues through community education.
  • Work with corporations seeking to promote creativity and critical thinking among their employees.
  • Work with schools and parents fostering a culture and curriculum that honors their children's experiences related to race gender and class.
  • Work with adult basic education organizations to create a literacy that promotes social consciousness and agency for change.

By working with varied educational agents of change we seek to create dynamic partnerships between and among organizations, measuring success not only by what is learned, but more importantly by what is accomplished. Whether in a doctoral classroom of a university or the storefront of a community-based organization, we work with educators and learners to create a forum in which experience is analyzed, issues identified, and solutions devised and applied.

We have labeled the focus of our work "social justice," but of course this term is contested—something everyone would agree to in the abstract, but the interpretation of what is just in specific circumstances is a political task. It is that task, rather than our interpretation, that we bring to our work with an organization. Defining what social justice means in context requires a collaborative effort as we begin any collaboration to transform education.